a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, March 29, 2012


http://crazyoldladiesquilts.blogspot.com/2011/08/clambake-tutorial.html  A long tutorial on how to do a clamshell quilt, it needs a template so all the pieces will be  alike.

I will be late tonight on writing my blog tonight. It is because our AGM for the complex is this evening. We have to vote on a huge  assessment for a new roof. It should be an interesting event.

A rare sighting of a Bluebird down in  Washington state.
He is so cute, we rarely see this little guy and I haven't seen him yet. But he made the front page of the paper this morning.
We headed out this morning after Ray's visit to the dentist for cleaning. He is 75 and has most of his original teeth except the couple in the front where he knocked them out riding his bike down the mountain side in Thunder Bay . BOYS!!  We sent up to Metrotown and had a Quizno's small sandwich and broccoli and cheese soup. It was very tasty. Lots of places make soup nowadays and it is good all the time. I am a soup lover anyway so try them all. It helps keep my weight down whereas ice crean and chocolate are BAD.

We were looking for a copper pot that was advertised on Home Sense.  The clerk said they didn't have any and that one other person asked for it too. I wonder why they advertise on TV and don't have the product.  Wasteful isn't it. Maybe we'll try it again.

Adam in his baseball uniform. Cute picture. A little athlete is our Adam.

And getting the most out of  life. All the colours of the universe in one box of crayons. Neat isn't it?

We had an event last night and didn't get enough sleep so when We came home form the mall I had to go for a nap. When I get really tired I get all shaky, legs and hands just shake like I have  the palsy or Parkinson's. I asked the doctor about that but she said I don't have it. It is just a sign of weakness and it ony occurs when I am really tired.
I love this one , it makes me laugh!! We've also had twice as long to spend it LOL.
No news from Tom yet about my embroidery machine. I just wish he would let me know what is going on if anything. I think I may begin to look around for another one if this can't be repaired.
I am missing it a lot.
I did a bit of sewing today,  the sashing strips are on needing to be sewn to the secong row of blocks. Then the  borders need to be done and it goes to the quilter. However I have to buy the border fabric so I'll get Ray to take me to Fabricana as they have the kind if fabric I like. Also the ladies there are very helpful , helping with the choices that look the best.

Big boys !
Time for me to leave you.
Have a good evening.

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