a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, March 30, 2012



Lots of free quilt patterns .

My day was very productive. I went to the doctor because the skin where my pic line used to be is a mess and very itchy so she gave me a cortisone cream which she said it would help. We will see LOL.
 I came home and sewed the last piece on to my quilt so now all three rwos are put together. Next is the borders and the one inch strip that goes on first. It will be the same dark purple as the stars.
Now I need to go and buy a piece for backing and for the outer border. What about this one!

So after I sewed I made dinner. I didn't say cooked dinner but made it. It was Mrs. Callander's chicken pot pie which is warmed up in the microwave and a cole slaw from a bag LOL. I just hd to add the mayonnaise and a bit of mustard. So it was easy but at least I had the strength and energy to do the job. I am trying to give Ray a break from everything he has done for me. So I do as many jobs as I am able. But I am feeling very strong right now and after nearly a year and a quarter of being in trouble this is fabulous!!

I saw some nice dogs and the owners made them pose for a photo. Nice people around here I'd say. A woman  in a stopped car asks if she can take a picture of your dog. They never ask why, just say yes, amazing But I guess I don't look dangerous. Haha how little they know.
Here'sthe big guy, doesn't he look gentle and kind. I wouldn't mind being his mommy.
Here's the little guy , he looks rather pugnacious don't you think.

Hush hush sweet Charlotte, spilled something did you. That's why the guilty look eh! Now what should a girl do when she makes a mess LOL.
Got to give the kitties some time. I love this picture of the kitten in the corner. Stay away!!
The things I like as you probably know are dogs, cats, babies, kids, quilts, flowers and sunshine LOL. These are my favourite things and thus make me smile and be happy.
Weather Report:  We had rain all day , now as night is approaching the sun comes out. The weather is frivolous and unpredictable.
  From the Vancouver Umbrella Shop. Wouldn't you know Vancouver would have an umbrella store LOL
Edouard Manet, Lady with a parasol, isn't she beautiful. I am constantly amazed at how these artists can paint lace. We had a fabulous show at the art gallery a couple of years ago of Dutch artists. The protraits were incredible and the lace was unbelievable.
Check the lace, can't remember who the artist is. Actually it didn't say, I went back and checked.
Time is up folks. Have a great evening.
Bon soir.


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Jean said...

And a rainy day.. You always say "I love a rainy day".
Yes, it is amazing how they paint lace. I love lace.